binary nightmare #1

Chapter 1: Oh gods… What am I doing!

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Chris Hardwick, and I shall be your guide through the “Binary Nightmare” a series of coding blogs which aim to share the technical developments here at Wickerman Games. I started programming when I was 6 years old, and now at the ripe old age of 33 I’ve learnt the occasional “thing” about programming, assumptions are bad, well-designed systems rot slowly, maintainability is important, and code gets simpler as you become more experienced. - the same stuff you’ll read on any blog. I’m not really going to cover that stuff - because it’s duller than donuts.

What I will be covering in all its glory will be an actual interactive experience! Well, some of the time at least. Information on why we build the tools that we’ve built, and a myriad of techniques, tricks, and general pragmatic information.

Some Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

For our current project, we’ve opted to use Unity, an engine that provides the versatility we need to produce the results we are after. As we’re a small team, with an express purpose of developing for multiple platforms, it seemed like the smartest choice. It’s also an easy engine to extend, and customize and develop with.

My first blog post will occur on October 9th, and shall be focusing on a web-tool that's been developed to help share content with users in an interactive manner. This tool is called "Mimis", and at its core is a 3d model viewer. This tool runs using WebGL, and will allow you to inspect the 3d art, think of it as an interactive screenshot.

See you all soon!