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Wickerman Games
Based in the United Kingdom

Founding Date:
February 1, 2015


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Who Are We?

Wickerman Games is an Independent UK-based game development studio founded by Chris Hardwick and Dan Cordell, in February of 2015, with the goal of making games we want to play that nobody seems to be making.

We are both ex - AAA game dev's who have worked for companies including Electronic Arts, Starbreeze Studios, Codemasters, The Chinese Room and CD Projekt Red (where we met while working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt). Between us, we have over 15 years of experience in the games industry.

Where We Come From:

Company Founding

We are both fans of Pen and Paper role-playing games such as Traveller, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun and the venerable Dungeons & Dragons, in all its many, MANY forms and wish to marry our love of these games with our passion for creating video games.

So What’s the Point?

Wickerman Games was founded on a few very simple principles:

Transparent Development

This means we will be sharing as much spoiler free content as we can during development. Allowing you access to our prototypes for larger systems, our 3D content, time lapse videos of us working - anything we can. Our idea is to give you all a front row seat into the game development process. This will all be done on a weekly basis for free.

A New Approach to RPG Design

As we mentioned previously we have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with pen and paper RPG's and we wish to bring what we love about these games and merge them the things we love about computer games.

The concept of dynamic storytelling and giving the player as much freedom as the ruleset allows is the core concept of what we aim to achieve at Wickerman Games. Layering simple systems on top of one another to allow for some truly emergent gameplay. Choices should matter and have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the plot and as such the game world needs to be built in such a way to accommodate this.

Respect for both the Customer and Staff

If we learned anything from our time at CD Projekt Red, it's that treating your customers well, really just makes life better for everyone involved, after all it is your hard earned cash you are parting with. As the old saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it" so we shall also be offering content DRM free (where possible) with a substantial amount of post-release support.

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The Team

Chris Hardwick
Technical & Creative Director
Dan Cordell
Art & Company Director
The Wickerman
Gestalt Hive Consciousness


Jim McKerchar
Freelance Website Design
John Liew
Freelance Concept Artist

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