historical archive #2

Flight Into The Dark


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.>>/ Excerpt from the personal diary of Erik Lindstrøm - Swedish atmospheric scientist.


October 4th, 2131

Final calculations have been completed. Initial analysis of atmospheric projections discouraging - double checking, further details needed. Need sleep, I’m exhausted.

October 5th, 2131

It's going to be too late - things look bad. Bradley convinced me we should run the simulation again. Feel we must double check, the outlook is terminal. Checking codebase there must be a bug… I’m sure.

October 10th, 2131

Simulation up and running. Haven’t slept in three days … So tired … Bradley monitoring results.

October 18th, 2131

Simulation completed! Bradley re-checking calculation. Initial findings show outlook is still terminal, things have to change - or this planet will become a barren hostile rock.

October 20th, 2131

Results conclusive - terminal outlook if things don’t change. There is a window, but the requirements are extreme. The governments of the world have set us upon this path - for over 100 hundred years, despite rising sea levels, and more extreme weather, the economic needs of nations - has always - lead to climate issues being buried and not addressed. Hopefully presenting our findings will be convincing enough. If not things are going to only get worse.

How has humanity done this to itself? Poisoning the planet!? POISONING OURSELVES! Knowingly! Despite over a century of evidence indicating that our way of life needs to change. The tipping point for the biosphere is close, there won’t be a way back… We’ll all be doomed, everything will die.

November 25th, 2131

Arrived in New York City this morning. Tomorrow is the big day - we’ll be presenting the findings to the world. It may take some time for our results to be corroborated, but we’re confident that the community will come to the same conclusion as us.

Hopefully it's enough to turn the world's governments around.

Protests in New York have turned violent, becoming full-scale riots. People are struggling to eat the world over - supply just isn’t meeting demand. Things are already bad, they’re only going to get worse.

The rioters were subdued by privatized police using extreme prejudice, hundreds injured, and estimation indicate 7 fatalities.

November 26th, 2131

We delivered our findings - and were met with a resounding silence in the auditorium. The shock of our reported findings were instantly apparent on the faces of the attendees, some burst into tears - some began to react angrily, no less than three individuals upped and left before we could even finish delivering all the information we’d gathered.

Media outlets have gone wild, it’s been reported across the world, stirring up fear and chaos. Protests and Riots have broken out across the world’s in major cities. The death toll is unfathomable, it’s being violently oppressed across the world. Am I responsible for this? Should I have kept things to myself? Was I wrong to give this information to the world?

November 27th, 2131

Things are tense. I’m held up in a tiny hotel on the outskirts of New York city. Far as I can tell from the TV media things are getting pretty violent, footage from all over the world, LA, Vancouver, London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo... Violence and death in the streets. Am I responsible for this? I can’t be sure. I need to get back to the lab. Can’t seem to get ahold of Bradley, left a message for Sandra - his wife.

November 28th, 2131

I received a phone call from Sandra early this morning from the lab, it’s been seized by the authorities, and she has been unable to get in touch with Bradley. She seemed very afraid, terrified, weeping hysterically.

Attempted to remotely connect to the labs computers, but couldn’t manage to access it hopefully they don’t think to check the access logs.

Desperately need to

.>>/ Excerpt from Top Secret Military Communique



USAF 26 TT 2364 TOP SECRET 4NOV 2153


From OI OB

The use of strategic asset codenamed “Sabre” has been instrumental in capturing and destroying target enemy locations, allowing our forces to roll in and take the objective with the minimum of effort.

However upon returning to friendly forces, Sabre severely injured ██████████████████████, after having a heated discussion. Medical Officer Hopkins said the wound was so badly lacerated, that, and I quote “hadn't seen tissue damage like this since my brother in law was ███████████████ ”. This lead to Hopkins having to ████████████████  leg and █████████ to be sent back to home soil to recover, Sabre hasn't been seen since the incident and is considered AWOL.

I have my doubts that subjects from project █████████ are completely under our control and willing to follow the chain of command. I have heard ████████████████████████████████████████ who are making use of these assets. While they may be instrumental in fighting back against the enemy, are we so sure they won't turn around when all is over and █████████?



.>>/ Excerpt from Internet Historical Archive

*** Welcome to #ShipWatcher ***
* 5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e has joined #ShipWatcher *

[19:31] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e> : GUYS they launched another one!!!!!111!!!! WTH are they up to!
[19:31] <ElectronicCodebook> : the 15th this month already.
[19:31] <ElectronicCodebook> : which is a bit worrying.
[19:33] <CompactBlowfish
> : Yeah, they are supposed to be exploration missions, but I bet my money on it being an alien invasion! THE SQUIDS ARE COMING!
* MASSIVEPENIS555 has joined #ShipWatcher *
[19:33] <MASSIVEPENIS555
* 5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e has banned MASSIVEPENIS555 #ShipWatcher *
[19:34] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e> : Fucking spambots. Who buys into that crap still? WTF - Don’t click the link!
[19:34] <CompactBlowfish
> : I mean why would you need to send that many to “explore”
[19:34] <ElectronicCodebook> : lets be honest, they arent there to explore, they are desperate to fuel the war
[19:35] <ElectronicCodebook> : its probably why they have been trying to get as much metal as they possibly could, they've been tearing down skyscrapers and arcologies for years 
[19:35] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e> : Blowfish. This AGIAN!
[19:35] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e> : Always “space aliens” with you. How about you lay off the weed!
[19:36] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e
> : Seriously man, everyone knows that the martian colony failed coz o’ technical issues, there int nothing special there. Just rocks and skeletons
[19:36] <ElectronicCodebook> : woa

[19:36] <ElectronicCodebook
> : check the news guys, all reporting the same thing.
[19:44] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e> : HOLY FUCKBALLS!?!
[19:45] <CompactBlowfish> : No way this can be right…
* MrJellyfishlings has joined #ShipWatcher *
[19:47] <MrJellyfishlings> :  wub-a-
lub a dub-dub guys! anything fun happening - Seen they just launched another one, do you know anything about it @5ky?
[19:47] <ElectronicCodebook> : CHECK THE FUCKING TV!
[19:47] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e> :This is a joke? oh fuck, it can’t be
[19:48] <MrJellyfishlings> : You guys know I don’t have a TV, that shits how the government mind controls you!
[19:48] <ElectronicCodebook> : well check the fucking newsfeeds then
[19:48] <MrJellyfishlings> : FINE.
[20:03] <MrJellyfishlings> : FUCK
[20:03] <MrJellyfishlings> : ME
[20:03] <MrJellyfishlings> : YOU
[20:03] <MrJellyfishlings> : COCKSUCKERS!
[20:04] <CompactBlowfish> : Wait wait wait, so those ships…
[20:04] <MrJellyfishlings
> : Yeah, looks like nobody’s in charge anymore.
[20:04] <MrJellyfishlings
> : All the people with money and power already left.
[20:04] <ElectronicCodebook> : things can't be THAT dire right
[20:04] <5KyWa7cH3r_3Li7e
> : Looks like they have a few more ships that they are doing a social security lottery with for places. Told ya that it was worth having a social security number Jelly.
[20:04] <MrJellyfishlings
> : FUCK THAT, why do you think I have this bunker! You wanna come join me EC ;-)?
[20:05] <ElectronicCodebook
> : Never, not even if you were the last man alive.          

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