historical archive #3

Extinction is the rule, survival is the exception.


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>>/ Transcript from Colonial Ship Xin.
>>/ Salvaged Planetary Exploration Recordings Artificial Intelligence Console.

.>>/ Transcript from colonial transport communication logs

>Kora Auttenberg (Captain of UESA Colonial Vessel)
> Ich grüße uberkannt Schiff. Mein Name ist Hauptmann Kora Autten Berg von dem Shiff Artemis des UESA. Identifizieren sich bitte, wir sind hier in gutem Einvernhmen um zu..

>Rex Ruskin (Captain of USAF Colonial Ship)
> Hallo Kora Kapitän, Englisch sprechen kann ich? My name is Rex Ruskin - Captain of the USAF Colonial Transport Thanatos. (pause).. I’m honestly quite surprised to see another colonial ship, but it’s good to know that it wasn’t just us that survived.

>Kora Auttenberg (Captain of UESA Colonial Vessel)
> Hello Captain Ruskin, I feel I already know the answer, but I must ask anyway. What are your intentions here?

>Rex Ruskin (Captain of USAF Colonial Ship)
> Our intentions were to colonise this planet however it looks as if you guys have already started that process. Am I correct?

>Kora Auttenberg (Captain of UESA Colonial Vessel)
> That is correct, we have already established a small forward operations post and have started the process of moving our people down planetside to commence full-scale construction of the colony itself.

>Rex Ruskin (Captain of USAF Colonial Ship)
> We may have a problem then, it looks as if in our voyage over here one of our auxiliary fuel tanks was ruptured and we have lost a significant amount of fuel and we no longer have the capability to leave the system. We have no choice but to settle the planet alongside you.

>Kora Auttenberg (Captain of UESA Colonial Vessel)
> Captain, I feel that we should have this conversation face to face rather than over the Radio. Would you be able to join us at these coordinates planetside in twenty-four hours?

>Rex Ruskin (Captain of USAF Colonial Ship)
> (pause).. Agreed, see you planetside.

.>>/ Scanning New Erda Planetary Archives
.>>/ Retrieving Documents.... Done


>>/ Transcript of article follows.

Tartarus Crew Colonises Eastern Hemisphere

News today that Expedition Leader Kora Auttenberg has graciously allowed the crew of the USAF Tartarus to set up a colony in the Eastern hemisphere of our new home, 46 Gem b.

In what could only be described as a cruel twist of fate our two colony ships have arrived at the same destination with no possible recourse to move on to another destination. Many have voiced concern that allowing the crew of the Tartarus to land we will be inviting the same rivalries and destructive old habits that destroyed the Earth.

In a recent announcement Auttenberg said allowing the crew of the Tartarus to die without offering aid to what could be the last surviving human beings in the entire universe would be a tragedy greater than that which befell the earth.


>>/ Transcript of article follows.

First Frankencow Made.

Senior Geneticist Steve Mieso announced today that his team successfully managed to splice cow genes that were carried over from earth to New Erda, into a local population of relatively docile insect similar to millipedes from earth. Mieso announced the breakthrough ahead of next week’s talks with the colonists from the Artemis on the subject of finding a sustainable long-term source of protein, due to the lack of domesticable mammals on our new planet.

Many hope this will usher in a new era of cooperation between our peoples and help to heal the old wounds left over from our species time on Earth.


>>/ Transcript of article follows.

Mieso-Tech acquired by Droga Teknik!

Mieso-Tech, the company famed for creating the Ostracota, is today set to merge with Droga Teknik, the company responsible for the wide spectrum antibiotic Ziaxoft.

Shortly before the announcement, the share prices of both companies skyrocketed to around 150% of baseline price. Economists have suggested this is due to this being the first merger between Tartarus and Artemis and could potentially set a precedent for all future deals between the two colonies. Many have suggested this is the start of a new era for cheaper medicine.


>>/ Transcript of digital article archive follows.

Corporations form first Advisory board

Due to rising political tensions between Tartarus and Artemis, multi-colonial corporations have established an advisory board to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Many have suggested that in order to ensure peace between our people, steps need to be taken to foster an era of cooperation.

Sarah Mieso - the renowned philanthropist and granddaughter of legendary Geneticist Steve Mieso, has come out or retirement one last time in order, using her ties as a member of the board of Droga-Teknik to help draw in several of the largest Multi-Colonial’s in order to form the advisory board. With deep pockets and deep ties to both Governments, some believe we could be on the precipice of a new golden age.


Advisory Board forms Menschen Committee

Last week's announcement that both the Tartarus and Artemis colonies governments had collapsed due to internal pressures, came as a shock to many. However, members of the Corporate Advisory board announced today that they would help to run the day to day operations of both colonies during this interim period.

The Corporate Advisory Board has renamed itself the Menschen Committee ahead of its new responsibilities and has said it will treat both colonies as a single entity in order to maximise efficiency. Many have hailed this as a bold move that will strengthen the prosperity of New Erda. A small yet vocal minority have voiced concern that this board will not return control back to the populous and decided to do a protest march through the capital of the Tartarus colony which quickly devolved into a small riot leaving eighteen wounded and one dead and several millions of credits worth of damage to public property. Colonial Polizei are still attempting to arrest those responsible.

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