smoke and mirrors #1

Behind the GM Screen

Who is the Wickerman?

Unlike the Art and Code blogs, this blog is written in part by both Chris and Dan, from this point we shall refer to ourselves as some kind of gestalt hive consciousness we lovingly call The Wickerman - as this is not the product of an individual but rather the product of several minds coming together to solve a problem.

What is Design?

Design as a field, is an incredibly broad field and covers many aspects of game development, ranging from mechanical systems, game settings, and story, through to interactive elements, quests, level design and visual cues.

So with that in mind, starting from 16th October we shall start covering some of the design behind our super secret unannounced title, once a month. Starting with the subject of how we create our game universe and why we did it.

Thanks for reading this, we look forward to seeing you on the 16th.

-The Wickerman


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2 responses to "SMOKE AND MIRRORS #1"

Scott McKie

Are you planning to add an RSS feed for these?

Chris Hardwick

It's in the pipeline, so yes hopefully, before the end of the year :).

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