tales from the art side #1

The Thing on the Doorstep

A little Introduction

Hey all, my name is Dan, and I’m the Art director of Wickerman Games. In reality this is a very fancy title that at a company of our scale really doesn’t mean a whole lot, however it does mean that I'm responsible for guiding the artistic vision of the games we will be working on.

What's all this about?

The point of these blogs going forward is to let you guys gain an insight into our development process, and interact with us and ask us why we do things (it usually has a very good logical reason behind it, honest!). Normally this sort of thing is done behind closed doors and all of this is known about only by a select few, we want to make this public because it allows you guys who are interested an insight into how things really work, warts and all.

So starting next week I’ll be releasing a new blog once a month going over our development process and eventually our progress on the game. First up will be a blog about the basic starting point of any artistic endeavour, Art Direction and reference gathering. After that, I’ll go through a step by step process of the creation of a single asset for our (as of yet) unannounced first title.

I may even do a couple of Twitch streams at some point, so those that are interested should check that out.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far and I look forward to seeing you all (proverbially) next week.

- Dan

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