tales from the art side #10

Enter The Tallboy

So once again here we are, showing off another model. This time, the ship is called the tallboy for, what I hope is a fairly obvious reason. Some of you also may have seen this when it was posted to twitter but for those of you who didn't see it, here's what we posted.

The images

Tallboy High poly (rendered in Modo)
Tallboy Low poly (rendered in 3d0 Viewport)

As always, at the bottom of the page here we also have the 3d Viewer so you can examine the model and also edit the texture as you wish. If you make anything interesting, feel free to post it below, I'm curious to see.

Next time...

Next time, I'll be showcasing off the last chassis for this faction... the Flathead, keep an eye on our Twitter as we may post some spoilers. As always, thanks for reading this and I hope you all have a lovely month.


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Wickerman Games: Tall Boy

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