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Like The Tallboy, But Flatter

It's been a busy old month for me, and with this double blog post, we have "finished" all of the chassis for the Terrene Faction or our little project. Of course, the work is just starting, there are still weapons, armour, engines, fancy tech gubbins and cosmetic attachments to create before the ships are really able to be considered as being finished.

Anyway, the corvette class ships in our game are intended to fill the role of a multi-purpose vehicle, being neither particularly bad or particularly good at any one thing. The Tallboy was designed to be more on the combat-hauler end of things, probably being good at taking small amounts of valuable cargo through dangerous space. With the design of the Flathead we are leaning more towards a combat role and like everything with this faction we want to emphasise speed so we have started with the largest engine size we could get away with and then built everything around that while adding as many hardpoints for turrets as possible.

As some of you may have seen I posted a sneak peak of this on twitter a few weeks ago.

What it looks like

Flathead rendered in 3Do with a basic metal material

As always, at the bottom of the page here we also have the 3d Viewer so you can examine the model and also edit the texture as you wish. If you make anything interesting, feel free to post it below, I'm curious to see.

Next time...

As its a double blog post month this time you can go ahead and read the post right now over here!


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Wickerman Games: Flathead

We use Unity 3D WebGL which is currently in it's early stages of development. If you experience any problems, please let use know.Load Flathead


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