tales from the art side #11 b

This mesh is too big...

So here is the most demanding mesh I have made so far. I did warn chris that this would be an utter monstrosity but nothing could have prepared me for the deluge of swear words that followed after he had a look. He was looking for an "edge case" to make sure the tools he has worked on so far are up to scratch when we go into production. So I gave him one.

The intention behind this mesh was to create a more scaled up version of the puke can, its a specalised vehicle for transporting a vast quantity of cargo, and like the puke can its intended to be very good at going very fast in a straight line. also like the puke can its probably a wee bit fragile, except for the massive armour plate dish thing on the front.

Behold this nightmare

Gasser rendered in 3Do with a basic corrosion pass.

This mesh is rather demaning and ill likely be revisiting it in the future in order to make it less so, when the time comes it may even make an interesting blog post.

Next time...

Anyway that is the end of this months updates and the end of the Terrene Chassis, for now. Im unsure as to what ill be posting next time, but keep an eye on our twitter and facebook pages just in case we make some sneaky updates.


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