tales from the art side #6

March Art Update

Hey guys, now we have gone through the process of creating a mesh, from this point on Tales From The Art Side, will be showing off what we have been up to behind our iron curtain. If in the future we get some comments asking about specific workflows then I can go into a bit more depth on that as it arises, so feel free to ask in the comments below.

Enter the Skyjacker

The inspiration behind this model was to create a fighter ship similar in visual style to the Rat but much more heavily armoured, to that end the meshes shared a lot of similar components, just slightly "beefed up". Chris has a great blog this month going into some detail about the shader work that has been extensively tested on both of these meshes. (please go check it out, its pretty good)

Anyway, without further Ado, here is this month's offering - The Skyjacker.

- Dan

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Wickerman Games: Skyjacker

We use Unity 3D WebGL which is currently in it's early stages of development. If you experience any problems, please let use know.Load Skyjacker