tales from the art side #8

Enter the Goliath

This ship is bloody massive and caused us a number of texture related headaches. Just to give you an idea of the sense of scale that we are working at, I mocked up a quick scene with all of the ships we have seen so far.

Terrene Ship Lineup
Terrene Ship Lineup

As you can probably tell, the texture size for the rat and the goliath differs somewhat, however in the Mimis web preview we have built for you guys, all the textures for the ships are set at 1k (1024pixels) having said that though, the preview of this ship doesn't look terrible, which is somewhat surprising to me.

Improvements & Updates

The other improvement to our texturing pipeline that took place was adjusting the metal textures to produce a more desirable result, (A being the cleanest and C being the rustiest), I think this has bumped the quality significantly. As metal textures are highly reliant upon reflections in PBR rendering, I created a couple of quick screenshots in Quixel Suite to show them off in a better light. These images are likely to be used as our target render (what we aim to produce the look of in-game) when it comes to setting up the space scenes for lighting.

Goliath Metal Texture A
Metal A
Goliath Metal Texture B
Metal B

If you guys look at the Goliath ship below you may notice it is in fact spelled Golliath, which is definitely not a spelling mistake on our part and is something to do with how they spell stuff in the future *wink* Also in slightly related news, Chris has worked on the Mimis scene and improved the lighting and shader quality greatly, though the two-tone still needs a little work.

Next time, we'll be showing off my second favorite ship design so far, the Led Sled

- Dan

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Wickerman Games: Golliath

We use Unity 3D WebGL which is currently in it's early stages of development. If you experience any problems, please let use know.Load Golliath


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5 responses to "TALES FROM THE ART SIDE #8"


Nice! When do I get to ride around in one??

Dan Cordell

Soon ;)

Chris Hardwick

We'll be releasing a "movement" prototype in the future. It won't look pretty,and it'll be web-based. The purpose is to naturally try out different control schemes and see which feels the best to players. That said - it'll be about user input and not specifically ship handling.


I would "like" these comments if I could, but here's me replying to acknowledge having seen your responses ;) Look forward to it!


Looking good guys!

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