happy (belated) new years!

Hello Everyone,

We hope that you all had an excellent New years. Some of you may have been wondering where we've been and why we have been quiet?

Firstly, we want to apologize for not posting any blog updates for a while, sadly the perfect storm of things happened that caused us to be unable to post anything, some of the underlying technology we are using to deliver these blog posts broke and we were unable to fix it quickly due to these being highly experimental technologies. The good news is that these issues are mostly fixed, the bad news is that some of the bugfixes we are waiting on are out of our control.

However this situation highlighted some problems with the way we deliver our blog posts, so we are going to try something a little different. From this point on, we will still be bringing you the same content, Binary Nightmare, Tales from the art side etc will be going nowhere - however, we will be switching up the format to posting once a month with all of the posts coming out on the same day. The major change is that not all of the blog posts will be done each month, so instead of having four to look at each month, instead there will be whatever is available, this could mean more, this could mean less, it greatly depends on how many road bumps we have hit.

The reasons we are doing this are numerous, firstly, we both believe strongly in quality over quantity and we would rather bring you fewer blog posts that have substance rather than a selection of empty content with no real purpose. Secondly, as we may have mentioned a few times, games development is extremely messy, and sometimes things happen that can't be planned for (when they do, you’ll be the first to know as mistakes happen to make good blog posts). At the moment there are just the two of us, tasks need to be done, for example, Dan has spent the last couple of months working on background story stuff for our Unannounced Title, naturally we want to share this, but it is really not in a presentable state. This problem will eventually solve itself when we are in full production. At the moment showing this would be detrimental to our development. We are currently looking into some more creative ways to present our content and we will let you know when we have solved that particular puzzle box. Thirdly, when you only have two employees, you have to be extremely flexible, and our previous blog post model didn't really allow for flexibility, which really was an oversight on our part, this new system will allow us to show what's going on as it goes on as it’s somewhat similar to a sprint update that is part of our development production cycle.

With all of that said, stay tuned, we should have some fairly interesting posts coming in the next few months as we have made some significant progress.

-The Wickerman